How Business can use the contingent workforce to deliver better ,faster and cost effective field Service?

The term contingent workforce means freelancer workforce which is available to work for
you on-demand.
It’s interesting to see how Field Service Industry has transformed in last 2 decades from In-
House to Outsource and now rapidly moving towards crowdsourcing. Most of the
organisations are trying to create a right blend of Fixed Teams, Third Party Vendors and
Freelancer ecosystem to handle the Field Service Dynamics.
The expansion of on-demand model has made it simpler for organizations to connect with the
freelancer workforce and perceive their various advantages- including greater flexibility,
instant support for specific projects, on-demand access to expertise, and reduce overhead
costs for the company. Tapping into the On-Demand workforce allows organizations to be
deft by smoothly shifting their business as new challenges arise.
Many White-good SMBs, Telecom & IT Leaders are changing their projects executions with
emerging crowd-sourcing platform  MyMobiforce , to find Network, Software, IT, Systems,
Telecom, Routers/Switching, ATMs, POS, White goods etc.
Let’s look at the detailed benefit of using On-Demand Workforce to fuel their business
growth and reducing overheads:

  1. New Project & Rapid Deployment
    When the rapid deployment is required, hiring full-time skilled employees consume time to
    transfer thought into execution, liquid force plays a significant role in on-demand hiring and
    faster processing.
    a. When entering go-to-market strategy and rapid deployment is required because of a
    competitive environment
    b. Working with the liquid workforce allows companies to find talent outside their
    geographical limits.
    c. Pilot testing national expansion with a new product with local on-demand skilled
    talent before full roll-out nationally
    d. Handling a particular problem for a client
    e. Handling a large order
  2. Budget Constraints and Deployment is Necessary
    a. Picking up a new contract in a new location without budget constraints
    b. Reduce in travel expenses due to local skilled workforce
    c. Covering leave time of existing employees without losing production hours
    d. Managing unpredictable demands
    e. Pay for the actual time spent on a project

How MyMobiForce Help with On-Demand Workforce
With MyMobiForce on-demand Field Engineer platform, organizations can easily get access
to On-Demand pool of vetted workforce for business expansion anytime, anywhere, when
needed. Whether it’s a Router installation, SD-WAN Deployment, Microwave installation
and commissioning, Network planning to white goods after sales support, finding a new
talent for your entire Network, Telecom, IT technicians, Systems and field engineering jobs is
easy with the help of MyMobiForce On-demand workforce Platform.